History of the World From the Prospective of Water

History of the World From the Prospective of Water

The sea is full of water!

I am water.

Rain, sleet, or snow falls from the sky called precipitation. Those are my forms of giving life to the planet.

I am collected, used, evaporated, or condensed,

Then returned to the sky.

I was on this planet before anyone or anything.

God designed it that way.

Genesis 1:2 “And the spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.”

And so it was.

God put me here for many reasons:
To give life.
To provide a home for sea creatures.
To quench thirst.

To help plants thrive.
To provide beauty.

To make a living for some.
To have a place to~


All these ways show why God placed me here on planet Earth.

I am important for life on this planet.

I am water.

Without me, no one or nothing can survive.

People and animals can live for weeks without food. Without me, their survival is a much shorter time.

Throughout history, civilizations made homes, businesses, and lives near bodies of water.

Their instincts told them to make their livelihood near me.

I made it possible for them to have what they needed to survive.

I am water.

Wars have been fought for and over me. Many know how important I am to their lives.

I give life.

I maintain life.

I am water.

Without me: there is no life, conditional fun, hindered transportation, no seafood, and limited beauty.

A water view is almost priceless, often expensive in today’s real estate market.


Drank me.

With me they;
Washed their clothes.
Cleaned their bodies.
Helped prepare their food.

In me they;
Played games.
Fished for seafood.

On me they;
Traveled to distant lands in ships.

Everyone and everything revolves on, around, and in me.


This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is background-blueocean.jpg
Life-giving force, water!

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