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Hi there, I’m Judigail. This is my blog.


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Cruising to Bahamas/ Maybe Next Year, Corona Virus Rampant 2020…

Am I disappointed? Yup!

Won’t deny it. I suppose it’s better to be safe than sorry or horribly flu sick,

as the case here. But, I’m still bummed. People on some cruise ships have been quarantined for two or three weeks. Coronavirus originated in China. Pity the poor people who live in China.

Instead, we’ll take the train to Deland, the county seat of Flagler County, the county where daughter Jenna lives in Ormond Beach. We’ll spend two days there, as she is only off work Friday and Saturday. She’s the Children’s Librarian at the Ormond Beach Library.

Next, my original planning excitement version…


It’s January 2020. On March 15th, we travel by train from Tampa to Miami, and spend the night.

Carnival Conquest, maybe?

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

The next day, we board the Carnival Conquest ship for the Bahamas. Now, I’ve been there before, a long time ago, in the early ’70s. Mickie, my friend from Virginia, and I went there. That was so long ago, I don’t remember what ship we were on.

The main point for this trip is to see if my husband likes cruising on a big cruise ship. We’ve been cruising on a fifty-foot sailboat on the Sea of Cortez.


I almost drowned.

Sea of Cortez Sailboat

Photo by Riccardo Bresciani on Pexels.com

That’s a story for another blog post.

My husband loved sleeping on the deck. With just six of us aboard; Captain, his wife who cooked, our daughter and son-in-law, Auburn, and me.

We’ve been married for thirty-five years on July 6th. My idea for that anniversary. Cruise to the Panama Canal, and go through the locks. We’d experience the feeling of raising and lowering the water from onboard a ship.

We’re permanent residents of Panama and have visited the Miraflores Locks several times. Seeing, and experiencing the Locks from another angle would be an interesting adventure.

After doing some research, I discovered there are two different ways to sail through the Panama Canal.

First, board the ship in Port Canaveral, and for a partial transit. That means going through part of the Canal and Gatun Lake, man-made for Canal water. Then back to Florida, after several other stops in Mexico.

This suited us not at all.

Second, to do a full transit, one must be aboard a ship for at least fifteen days. After going through all the locks, we are then in the Pacific Ocean. The next stop is in California, either San Francisco, San Diego, or Los Angeles.

We’d fly back to Tampa from California. I’d like to talk him into stopping in Arizona for a few hours.

We don’t know whether we want to be on board a ship for fifteen days. Auburn isn’t even sure he’ll like a huge multi-passenger ship, he liked the smaller, more intimate boat better. I did as well.

Ergo, those reasons for this trip to the Bahamas.

Hope it helps us decide.

Update: March 16, 2020

We’re back from our three-day trip. It was interesting, fun seeing Jenna again, where she lives, Ormond Beach, Atlantic Ocean, she has a new great Dane dog, yuck. We ate out a lot. Auburn complained about spending so much money, the B&B bathroom where we stayed wasn’t accessible, and it was thirty miles from Jenna’s place. It was the start of Spring Break week and the second weekend of Bike Week. Motorcycles everywhere. Dad would have loved it!

Coronavirus is rampant everywhere. It’s a worldwide pandemic. Very young to nine years old and seniors over seventy are vulnerable. Schools, which have Spring Break are extending it a week. The church was only online yesterday. We aren’t having our small group tomorrow. We’re self-quarantined.

Writing a blog never entered my mind.

http://www.judithnorris.com exists to attract freelance writing clients, Showcasing my stories, poems, and other writings also seemed like a good idea.

After I got through writing, my main issue became organizing the writings. Some subjects didn’t fit into any of the categories. A blog was the only answer to that issue.

The next thought came what to call that “blog.” My name is titled the site. “Gail’s Blog” seemed too short. Then, lightning struck as a memory came rushing back, and friend Mickie’s name for me popped into my consciousness.

Judigail’s Blog became reality!! Thanks, Mickie!!!

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