Gonzo, Mysterious Disappearing Cat

Gonzo, Mysterious Disappearing Cat


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

As I drove my car out of the garage one morning, in the tree beside the driveway I saw a familiar tabby cat.

“Good morning, Gonzo,” I said aloud.

Gonzo, a cat who belongs to a family down the street, looked at me with sleepy eyes, and turned away.

“He has no interest in me this morning,” I thought.

Usually friendly and affectionate with me, Gonzo must sense I love cats. We have no animals for my husband’s allergic to flea bites. I’m extra happy to find a friendly neighbor’s cat.

Gonzo’s a large cat, mixed up black, brown, gray, and white, known as a tabby. His yellow, lazy looking eyes and large body remind me of Morris the Cat on TV.

The other day, Gonzo squeezed himself into Ginger’s car, sitting on the street in the sun. A window had been left open a few inches. We’ll never know how Gonzo managed to get through that small space. But he did.

All afternoon, Ginger couldn’t find him. He wasn’t in sight anywhere. He didn’t even come for his food. Gonzo disappeared for hours regularly, so she didn’t feel alarmed.

Meanwhile, afternoon turned into evening. Ginger’s husband, John, came home from work, and they had dinner. As they washed the dishes. Ginger glanced out the window. Streetlight and shadows caused her to see a strange movement in her car. She asked John to investigate.

Brave John ventured outside into the chilly night air to discover the truth. Ginger followed, staying close behind. Warmed by sunshine through daylight hours, the car grew chilly once the sun went down. Gonzo also awoke from his long afternoon nap.

“Meow!” Gonzo cried, when John opened the car door.

“He must be hungry” said Ginger. “How did he get in there?

I don’t know,” replied John. “But he couldn’t get back out.”

“Meow!” said Gonzo.

“Hi folks, where’s my food,” he seemed say.

by JGKipp

Pen Name of Judith Norris

Written as an example for reading/writing students at Skyview Elementary School in Pinellas Park, Florida.

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