A Fascinating Duck Goes Bonkers!

by JGKipp-Norris

What can be so fascinating about a duck?

A most interesting duck met me today!

She looked average, an every day, garden-variety duck.  She had a

  • wide body;
  • not fat,
  • not skinny,
  • looked just right to me. 

probably weighed ten to fifteen pounds. Shades of brown with green and white feathers around her long neck and a large head graced her body. All of this made her a very interesting duck.

She had to be a duck. I’d seen pictures of ducks and this duck looked identical to them.  At the zoo were many ducksMy family had been there with me

It wasn’t too surprising to see her.  She was at the right place, where lots of ducks gather. 

You could be thinking, “Why are you telling me this?”

You also might wonder why I keep calling duck ‘she.’ Don’t know an answer to that, this duck just looked like a she. And…

She acted strangely, that’s why.  She kept looking back and forth toward the lake and me, while quacking wildly!

Hi there Duck,” I called cheerfully, with a wide grin on my face.  I thought it would make her happy if I looked happy.

Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack,” she quackily replied loudly!

You seem upset.  Are you all right? I asked.

“Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack, quack,” she responded.  Again, she kept looking at the lake and back to me.

Whatever’s wrong must be by or in the lake,” I thought.  “Come on, Duck, let’s go see what it is.”

She acted much calmer waddling along beside me.  It felt good helping a duck in distress!

We walked some distance.  So I thought it might be helpful if I sang a duck song.

I sang, hoping the music would calm her.

Little Ducky Wuddle

Went wading in a puddle,

Went wading in a puddle

Quite small.

Said she, “It doesn’t matter

How much I splash and splatter,

I’m only a ducky

After all.”

That seemed to calm her a little bit.

“Wow, you really liked that one didn’t you?” 

I’ll sing it again.  Wish you could sing it with me!”

No response, so…

I sang again,

Little Ducky Wuddle

Went wading in a puddle,

Went wading in a puddle

Quite small.

Said she, “It doesn’t matter

How much I splash and splatter,

I’m only ducky

After all.”

We were almost at the lake.  Obviously, she didn’t want to be there.  She became more and more nervous with each step we took.  She slowed her waddling.  It seemed as though she wanted to return to where we started.

At the edge of the water, I looked arountrees by the lake or flew in the sky.  Three geese splashed water at each other.  I couldn’t see anything that would be so upsetting to my friend, Ducky.

What is it? I asked her.  I don’t see anything unusual to upset you so.”

Just then, she began quacking loud and long, much louder than before!

Okay, Okay,” I said patiently. 

“I know you see or sense something, but I don’t see it yet.”

But she had seen the water move.  Now I saw a form moving toward us from the center of the lake.

“What is it?” I wondered.

“Could it be a Loch Ness monster?  Surely not here in our Florida lake!” 

These silent thoughts kept from alarming my friend Duck.

The clear water in the lake allowed me to see the object coming closer. 

An alligator!  No wonder Duck’s excitement reached fever pitch!

You’re right,” I stated.  “Alligators need to have our healthy respect.  I don’t want to be in water around them.   But, I also know they can be easily frightened.

Flap your wings and splash like those geese over there, that ole gator won’t bother you at all.”

Quack, quack, quack,” she honked.

I waved my arms, yelling and splashing water in the direction of the alligator.   He turned and started gliding toward the opposite shore!  Duck and I breathed a sigh of relief! 

She looked up at me with heavy ducky eyes and went, “Quack, quack.”

It sounded very much like “thank you” to me.

I smiled at her and said affectionately, “You’re very welcome, Duck.  Let me know if I can help you again.  I come here often. Maybe we’ll see each other soon.”

Another duck waddled toward us.  They seemed to know each other and moved closer.  “My” duck kept looking back at me, as she quacked and quacked.

I know she told her friend the entire story, in duck language of course!

Authors Note:

This story gave me the idea for Glitzy Series, an adventurous rabbit who gets into more jams than a bowl full of jello.

They’ll be arriving soon!

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