Ghost Writing: Isn’t About What You See Here!

Ghost Writing: Isn’t About What You See Here!

May I be your ghost? Ghostwriter, that is.

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Let me be your ghost!

Call on me when you need someone else to tell your story, type it, and get it published. I’ll be your ghost!

Ghostwriting has nothing to do with the characters above, or anything else associated with Halloween!

Don’t mean too shout at you with the capital letters, just wanted to get your complete attention.

Listening is my best quality.

I’m your gal, when you need someone to tell your story, type it, then get it published.

I’ll listen to you,

Gather all the facts,

Put together your momentos,

We’ll outline your story.

The outline is an important part of starting the story. Getting that done helps the writing process to flow much more easily. It also saves on the rewriting. We’ll have fewer times going back-and-forth editing.

Helping your writer with the outline may also trigger additional thoughts or memories in your story telling. After the outline, your writer starts working on the first draft. When you have the first draft in hand, read it carefully and make any corrections in the margins for your writer to add to the second draft. You and your writer will need to collaborate many times, so your finished product reads the way you envision it.

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