Coo; Cuddly, Complicated Cute, CooCat, of Course

Coo; Cuddly, Complicated Cute, CooCat, of Course

By J. Gail Norris

In Memory of:

Our Captivating, Compliant, Cuddly, Cute Cat;
Departed This Life for a Better One in Heaven.

May 3, 2012 7:30 PM MST

22410 N. 59th Lane
Glendale, Arizona 85310-4265

Coo loved people,

Especially when lying comfy on a lap.

Romping on the floor,

Holding a toy in front paws and teeth,

He kicked wildly with his back paws.

Then, seemingly exhausted,

Fell asleep on his bed.

Shoes, always good to nibble or nap.

“You have a shoe fetish,

I said often to him!

I love Coo still, always, forever

He will never be past tense for me…

Coo, my lap-cat,

In my recliner while watching a movie,

Or riding on my wheelchair lap…

We always enjoyed each other’s company

Any available lap
Commanded Coo’s attention.

Make a lap and Coo is there!

He craved petting,

Ran from the vacuum cleaner,

Gobbled his morning Fancy Feast treat!

Napped anywhere, often…

I adored his sweet, velvety fur

Under my gentle loving fingers

Good night, my darling sweet Coo!

See you in Heaven!

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