Can an Overactive Imagination Be a Good Thing, Or Not?

Can an Overactive Imagination Be a Good Thing, Or Not?

Laura Manning, Movie Star

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What Do You Do When Meeting a Movie Star in Your Hometown?

Make a good impression.

Give her a key to the city.

Don’t fumble your words during your speech.

Julie tried as hard as she could to remember all the rules and her lines. Her cousin Ellen sat beside her on the stage, so near the woman they both admired, they could almost reach their arms out and touch her.

Nerves jingling, they tried to stay composed. That being almost impossible, their bright smiles helped them look confident.

She looked soooo gorgeous, much more so than in the movies. How could anyone be so beautiful?

Julie’s thoughts raced as she tried to look composed, and not-at-all nervous.

Mayor Gordon droned on and on.

“Will he never stop talking?” Julie thought, as she winced and squirmed in her seat.

Startling her as he said,

Now, two ladies have something to say to you, Miss Manning.”

He gestured toward Julie and Carol. They smiled and nodded their heads. The two girls stood, still smiling, and walked to the front of the stage.

Mayor Gordon looked confused when he saw both girls approaching.

“Are you both going to talk at once?”

He turned toward the audience, shrugged, and chuckled. They followed his laugher, a little uncomfortably.

Julie, not wanting to be upstaged, turned to him and gently took the microphone from him. Then said,

“No, Mayor Gordon, I’ll be talking today. Ellen came with me because she helped make the Key to the City. That’s why she’s here on the stage as we present the Key to Miss Manning.”

“Oh, I see. Well, here she is and there you are. So, I’ll have a seat to watch.”

Mayor Gordon bowed and went toward the chairs behind them.

Julie and Ellen looked at Laura Manning, indicating with outstretched hands, that she join them at the rostrum.

Audience members all gazed in admiration as the gorgeous movie star walked slowly toward her two glowing fans.

When all three faced each other, Julie began her speech. In a clear voice, she first thanked Laura for coming to Central City for the Festival.

As Julie said this, Ellen reached under the stand to produce the wooden key. Julie continued,

“Our brother fathers work with wood and made this key for you. We present our Key to Central City to you. We hope you’ll remember your time with us and that they made this key especially to honor your visit here.”

Laura accepted the key. She turned to the microphone and graciously said,

“How wonderful! Thank you both and your dads for making this wooden key for me. I will always remember this day and my visit here. I feel deeply honored.”

During this presentation, security stationed behind the audience kept a close watch on a mysterious person in a raincoat with the collar pulled up and sunglasses.

The sunglasses weren’t too unusual, for the bright sunny day made them necessary. However, the raincoat with a pulled-up collar in nearly 80-degree weather looked suspicious.

“Let’s help Laura go back to her trailer with all of this stuff,” said Ellen. All this stuff meant both the large wooden key and three dozen roses Mayor Gordon gave to Laura on behalf of the city.

“What a wonderful idea!” Laura remarked, having heard what Ellen said.

Laura’s trailer, parked fifty feet behind the stage, seemed not far enough to need this, Ellen thought. But helping Laura gave them more time to talk with her.

To Be Continued

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