Cats I’ve Loved

Cats I’ve Loved

Miss Kitty

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Coo and Pumpkin Ready For Sleep!

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Lili- I- Po

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Just Beginning…


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Miss Kitty came into my life at 2316 Fort Rice Street, Petersburg, Virginia one Sunday afternoon during the late 1960’s. I busily washed dishes in the kitchen at the back of our small 3 bed/1 1/2 bath one story house. The unsuspecting events that quiet afternoon took me completely by surprise.

Sounds of a cat screaming and a dog barking came from the front of the house. Racing out to the front door, I discovered a frightened multi-colored kitty cowered against the stone steps with a dog barking wildly at the cat.

Shooing the dog away, I scooped up the cat and carried her into the house. She didn’t seem injured, but her limp told me something wasn’t as it should be.

I bought some cat food and made a bed from old rags and towels in a box. I named her Miss Kitty, for we weren’t sure if she would live through the night. Cats must have nine lives, for she did. I adopted my first cat.

Her name remained. It seemed to fit her. A character on the TV show “Gunsmoke” was named Miss Kitty. The name stuck.

The year was 1968, I think, so it’s difficult to remember if we saw a veterinarian, or if one even existed then. Miss Kitty got along just fine. She came to life in a nurturing environment with two doting female human attendants.


Brandi, the Menace; Sheer Curtain Destroyer!

Photo by Leah Kelley on

About the same time, I was given a small white Siamese kitten named Brandi.

Phyllis Maxwell, Principal and 4th grade classrom teacher, at a small school near Brandon Plantation on the James River in Prince George County, Virginia gited her to me.

Brandi overtook our household. This small Siamese beauty ran wildly through the house, clawed the sheer curtains Mother made and hung behind the gold drapes she also made. She was a sweet cat, but uncontrollable.

Mickie Chaney, a second grade teacher at one of the schools where I taught band instruments, came to live with me after my husband left. He and I decided amicably, to separate. He moved out, so I needed someone to help with expenses. Mickie filled that need beautifully.

We became instant friends. And we remain friends to this day, even after years and miles of separation. More about Mickie in another post.

This one’s about cats.

Yang-Tze and Lili-Ipo, Yang and Li-Li (say Lee-Lee)

Yang-Tze, “Yang”

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Lili-Ipo, “Lee-Lee”

Photo by Leah Kelley on

Two sweet Siamese kittens gufted to me as a birthday present ny a former husband. They moved with us from Pennsyvania to Miami to Martinsville, Virginia. Then, they moved again with me from Virginia, back to Pennsylvania, and Cumberland, Maryland. Sadly, I had to give them away to a loving family because I wasn’t permitted to have pets in the apartment I rented when I left my cousin’s home in LaVale.

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