Pumpkin, Gold-and-White Dream Boy

Pumpkin, Gold-and-White Dream Boy

Precious Peachy Prince Pumpkin


Gorgeous golden and white markings

Striped tail, forever moving,

Expressive huge brown-gold eyes.

Mr. Whiskers, white and l-o-n-g —–

Vocal, handsome, sweet, loving

When he wants petting,

Or breakfast.

Adopted at 8, now 16

Brother Coo died at 12.

Pumpkin adores being the only cat,

But misses his companion-buddy.

Memories still sadden me,

So sweet Pumpkin is spoiled.

Likes attention and playing

On his terms and time.

Sweet, sweet, sweet

Punkin, Punky,

His loud mee-ow

Wakes the soundest sleeper.

When he is fed,

Then he sleeps-

All morning, afternoon,

Evening and all night too!

“Cats sleep a lot,” they say.

Yes, they do.

Pumpkin proves that fact

Is very true!

Precious Prince Pumpkin!


Moved with us from Arizona to Florida.When he died at eighteen. I thought my world would end. Sadness filled my whole being, just as when Coo left.

Auburn gave me two kittens about three months after Pumpkin died. In retrospect, I should’ve waited and grieved longer. Live and learn? Whoever said that made a mistake.

Skimbleshanks, whose name has been shortened to Kymbl, has Pumpkin’s coloring. They could’ve been brothers. Kymbl has Coo’s sweet disposition, and I have another lap cat.

Fozzie is all black with enormous green eyes. He would eat all the time, if we let the food there constantly. He wakes me up between 4:00 and 5:00 AM. Both of them like to eat every six hours. So, numb skull here, feeds them every six hours. Not sure how long that’ll continue.

Fozzy turned into a bully. He wants to be wherever Kymbl is sleeping. So, he chases Kymbl away. That behavior won’t be tolerated.

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