Snoopy’s Doghouse

Snoopy’s Doghouse


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Snoopy’s always been a down-to-earth type of guy, er…dog, to me. His exploits gave me much happy reading for many years. It’s easy to tell how much he loves people and other critters.

Entering the wrought iron gate, hidden by the false front doghouse door, a curlicue flanked by two lanterns. Swinging open the gate, reveals a charming Oriental garden with a Ming tree and small pond, an elite birdbath shaped like an Oriental temple. Gardenia bushes add elegance and fabulous fragrance when they’re in bloom.

Enough of that. What goes on in Snoopy’s doghouse?

Snoopy’s a free spirit. He loves relaxing, kicking back, and indulging his artistic side. His spacious large living room enhanced by high ceilings, focuses on his grand piano. A shiny, burled mahogany antique 1903 Knabe parlor grand sits on a Kermin Oriental rug in shades of ivory, pale blue, and rose.

Snoopy spends hours playing Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart. He loves classical composers. Even though, he still swings out with Scott Joplin and Irving Berlin.

Other favorites include reading and watching an occasional movie with one of the gang or his wife Kitty. Snoopy and Kitty have intimate dinner parties with a few friends. They like to cook Mexican or his mean pot of chili.

Ho-hum you say?

He’s quite a dancer singer, and actor. Fond memories of a trip to San Francisco in 1965 where Gary Burghoff portrayed Snoopy. Gary sang and danced his way into my heart with an energetic rendition of “Suppertime.” Snoopy holds a huge place in my heart always. The pleasure of designing his living space honored me.

This Snoopy’s Doghouse design project was a class assignment. It was great fun!

by JGKipp

Pen name of Judith Norris

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