Panama, Central America

Panama, Central America

Home of The Panama Canal

Not Panama Canal, but similar!

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We’ve talked about and gone to visit the country of Panama since 2005. It is and has been my husband’s desire to move off-shore for much longer than that.

We attended a “Live and Invest in Panama” five-day-event six years ago. At that time we (he) decided to pay a lawyer to purchase Residency Status in Panama.

Since then, we’ve been back each year for our annual vacation. We’ve been to several locations in Panama. So far, we’ve seen Panama City, Boquete, David, Santa Fe, Pedasi, Azuera Peninsula, and in August 2019 El Valle.

My favorite so far is Boquete, a seven hour drive from the airport on the opposite side of Panama City. So that’s out. It is a mountain town, quant then, lots of areas to explore.

I liked Pedasi, but am not sure I want to live there. El Valle is about an hour’s drive from Panama City, so I’m hoping we’ll like it there. I know it’ll be fine to take the cats to Panama. It’s just that, if we decide to return to the US, that would be more difficult.

Panama City appealed to me also. It’s diversity, culture, restaurants, healthcare, ease-of-getting-around appeals to me most of all. We’ll have a serious discussion on July 6th, our 35th wedding anniversary. Maybe then, we’ll discuss our future plans.

Now it’s two weeks later. We didn’t discuss anything about the future, Panama, or anything remotely involving plans. We played Scrabble, our regular Saturday afternoon daliance.

My husband won. I’ve been winning the past few times we’ve played. I’m glad he won. Guys need to win, especially when playing Scrabble with their wives.

Back to Panama. We’re staying at a nice place in El Valle called Park Eden Bed & Breakfast. This will be a bit of a departure from other places. We have an unairconditioed cottage that sleeps six. I need accessible lodging. This is their only accessible room.

It should be fine without air conditioning, even on the Equator during Panama’s summer. Last August, Santa Fe in the mountains without air conditioning, was comfortable, except for the roosters. They couldn’t tell time. They crowed from 2:00 AM through till daylight. Ah-h-h-h!

The beach town of Pedasi had only ceiling fans. It was fine, but I wished for a bit cooler.My husband loved it though. His military training allows him to sleep anywhere, any time, at the drop of a hat.

Our daughter will travel with us this year. She talked about going last year, then didn’t. Her thirteen-year-old son died a few years ago. His birthday was in August. That is a sad time for her.

I hope things go well for her and us. She’s going through a mid-life crisis, her job is in flux, she doesn’t know what is next, her divorce will be finalized soon. She needs a vacation. She needs her family’s support.

Panama’s water views are seen both east and west, Atlantic and Pacific. It never is as turbulent as this photo suggests it might be.


Now it’s September. We’ve been to Panama. Now we’re home. That trip is a pleasant memory. More about it in another post, maybe.

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