Multiple Sclerosis Life

Multiple Sclerosis Life

MS Miraculous Adventure

Sixty + Years Survivor’s Story

Isn’t it a GRAND piano? That’s a pun.

Do you know anyone who has lived with MS for over sixty years? Or longer? Pretend the woman playing the grand piano above is in her sixty-first year with MS.

Why do this? H-m-m-m-m.

Make believe that is me, Judith Norris. I borrowed a photo. Mine? Too grainy. My MS diagnosis happened in July 1958, just after high school graduation.

Many folks call me Gail, my middle name. My lovely North Carolinian southern belle friend calls me Judigail. That is cute. Others who hear it think so as well.

Judigail it is!

I digress. MS started this whole discussion. Oh, yes. That’s it. Yeah, you’re correct.

What is this over sixty year MS adventure all about? Miraculous MS Sixty Year Adventure, the title of Judith’s forthcoming book.

“Why do you call having MS an adventure or miraculous? MS it is neither miraculous nor an adventure!”That statement came from someone with good intentions.

That’s completely correct. MS is neither miraculous nor an adventure. MS is insidious, often debilitating. It’s a monster disease with NO good qualities.

I may have MS. ~ MS does NOT have me.

That is both the miracle and the adventure!

Yet ~

a few times during those over sixty-odd years have been rough.

MS exacerbations I experienced included:

  • Paralysis or numbness in some body part,
  • Double vision,
  • MS hug,
  • Nystagmus,
  • Blind spots,
  • Optic neuritis,
  • Stabbing head pain,
  • Unsteady walking,
  • Balance isses,
  • Cognitive difficulties
  • Others too numerous to mention.

I believe that my strong faith in God and prayers of many brought me through over sixty years. This helped me choose a non-drug route instead of relying on Disease Modifying Drugs, known as DMD’s in the MS community.

This choice has been good. Disease Modifying Drugs) weren’t available in 1958. There really was no decision then. Continuing on that track has been the right choice for me.

Prayers of friends and family, exercise, eating the right foods, and taking vitamins have been the best things to do.

Many health minded people advocate these life choices today. In the 1960’s, 1970’s and beyond it’s become evident as the better way to live! Other methods presented themselves. I maintained my initial choices.

There are several reasons that choice turned out very well for me;

  1. Stress filled my working life.
  2. Performance pressures caused MS flairs.
  3. Stepping away from my favorite Choral Director position.

Teaching any subject contains pressure stresses; deadlines, lesson plans, music teacher is always ‘on,’ students, parents, other teachers’ opinions, unions vs non-unions, an endless list.

Now retired in my late seventies, I feel better in ways though fatigue is still present regardless of getting enough rest. Once I am asleep, all is well. My difficulty? Getting to that blissful  state.

Author Note:

A Neurologist prescribed 0.5 mg tablets of Pramipexole. Take one late afternoon and two before bedtime. This does two things: 1) Calms my restless legs, and 2) Helps me fall asleep.

Recent exacerbations as well as a change in my MS status from Relapsing-Remitting to Secondary Progressive has my legs quite weak. Fortunately wheeled assisting devices are available.

I feel very well.

My mind is sharp, though forgetful at times. I need to remind myself of my age. Seventy-eight seems like someone else!

Dr. Maya Ramirez at University of South Florida administered me four hours of cognitive testing. Two weeks later, she told us that my memory lapses were age related, but mostly MS.

I strongly advocate the use of vitamins!  However, I also try new things.

Embryonic Stem Cell Infusions

Endorsed by the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, it’s not been approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Association). My husband is generous. It’s expensive, between 5 and 10 thousand dollars.

We just sold some real estate, so we had some dollars to spare. An infusion of 20,000 embryonic stem cells for MS and injection of 10,000 embryonic stem cells into my left hip for arthritis. Each day brings a new awakening.

Day 1: Twelve hours of sleep the first night. The Nurse Practitioner alerted me after the infusion and injection that I would be tired. She underestimated my extreme fatigue!

Day 2: Sleeping eleven hours seemed like I wanted more. But I still felt terrific!

Day 3: Some subtle changes in my body are taking place. The stem cells are working their magic!

Day 4: Visited with a different Neurologist. He advised I begin ampyra, called “The Walking Pill” and an infusion of Ocrevus.

Day 5: Numbness on my left side is almost completely gone. I had been leaning to the left a lot. That is much improved.

Nikola Joyce provides seven natural supplements in the article below. These are  wonderful for current MS patients and those with fatigue issues. Her claim to combating fatigue with these vitamins is absolutely correct.

Many others have felt the effectiveness of vitamin therapy. Try vitamins before you start, or perhaps in addition to a Disease Modifying Drug!

Seven Natural Vitamins

By Nicola Joyce

We’re all busy. But some of us are more stressed than others. Students, parents and busy executives know all about fatigue. But do you know how to combat it? Here are 7 supplements to help you fight back against life.

  1. Tryptophan. This is one of the 8 “essential” amino acids (essential because our bodies can’t make them, so we need to get them from our diets or supplements). It’s known as a great supplement for boosting mood, recovery and sleep, but do you know why Tryptophan is actually a precursor of melatonin, niacin/vitamin B3, and serotonin (the “happy hormone”), all of which help us recover from any lifestyle stress. We can get serotonin from food sources but it’s difficult to get optimal amounts (and monitor dosage) without overdoing the calories. So supplementing with Tryptophan itself is a fantastic way to support mood and get better quality sleep.As you probably know, low serotonin levels are associated with anxiety and mild depression and can be a factor in snacking on comfort foods or eating late at night. So if you’re training hard, going through a stressful time, or suffering poor sleep, try Tryptophan. It’s totally natural and extremely cost-effective. Tryptophan can be found in our slow release casein proteinComplete Bedtime™, working in synergy with L-Theanine.


A hugely popular supplement with people who want better quality sleep. It’s particularly popular with men, but women can and do benefit from it, too. Our ZMA capsules deliver a huge 500mg blend of highly bioavailable forms of Zinc and Magnesium and (importantly) includes the original l-OptiZinc supplement. That’s the only Zinc-Mag supplement validated by published research. Be sure your ZMA supplement contains it (many don’t).

Here’s why ZMA might help you sleep and recover better. Zinc is responsible for testosterone production.  Magnesium is well-known for increasing sleep quality. And Vitamin B6 helps both Zinc and Magnesium to be better absorbed and used by the body. Regardless of your training or diet, ZMA will help increase natural hormone levels, support better sleep, and help with brain function and clarity. All of which will make you feel a lot better no matter how stressful life gets.


We’ve just touched on Magnesium as a sleep, rest and recovery aid. If you go for a single Magnesium supplement to fight bad sleep, fatigue and tiredness, Magnesium Bisglycinate could be the best bet. Magnesium Bisglycinate is a form of the mineral which is naturally bonded to the amino acid Glycine. This means it’s absorbed more easily by the body. Ours has 500mg per capsule, of which 100mg is active Magnesium. If those numbers don’t mean much to you, trust us when we say it’s a high level designed for optimal dosage at a low price.


The B-Vitamins are important for a healthy body which can withstand periods of stress and tiredness. We stock various B-Vit products but our B-Vitamin Complex is (as the name suggests) a complete combination of everything you need, all in one dose.

Here’s how the ingredients could help you fight off fatigue. Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) supports mental wellbeing and mood, Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) helps reduce oxidative stress (and therefore tiredness), Vitamin B3 (Niacin) has been shown to be effective in supporting brain functions and Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) helps support important neurotransmitters (brain chemicals). Then we have Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride) which plays a part in reducing fatigue and strengthening immunity, even when you’re under stress and Vitamin B8 (Inositol, Myoinositol) which helps nerve signals “communicate”.There’s plenty more in our B-Vitamin Complex, including Choline which isn’t a B-Vit, but we added it in anyway becaus it works with all the B-Vitamins and helps maintain brain health. Oh and did we mention that our B Vitamin Complex is just 8p a serving!


Iron supplementation is often mentioned as a solution for combating low energy (particularly in the case of women). While it’s true that females can be commonly deficient in iron, men shouldn’t think they’re immune. In fact, lifestyle stress, dieting and training can lead to iron deficiency in anyone regardless of age or gender.

Our K-Pure iron capsules are a top-quality choice, containing Ferrous Bisglycine (“gentle iron”) – a highly bioavailable source of iron. A lot of iron supplements are just Ferrous Oxide. Ferrous Bisglycinate has a 24% iron content and it’s absorbed much better by our bodies than Ferrous Oxide.

Why supplement with iron? It helps reduce tiredness, can stop you getting run-down and can make you feel less fatigued. Ideal for women, anyone suffering from anaemia, or anybody who doesn’t get a lot of iron in their diets (our vegetarian and vegan friends).

If your life is hectic and you feel stressed, it can be sensible to supplement with a complete multivitamin. Not only will this support your general health but is a good “safety net” if things get so busy that your food choices suffer.

Our Complete Multivitamin Complex™ isn’t just vitamins and minerals. In fact it contains antioxidants, probiotics, fruit and plant extracts too – 30 separate ingredients in total. They’ve all been chosen for quality, bioavailability and effectiveness.

Why does a top quality multivitamin make sense? It’s easy to become deficient in certain vitamins or minerals when you’re stressed, and being deficient in just one thing can have a knock-on effect on your body’s metabolic pathways. And stress can often cause gut issues, sensitivities and digestive problems (that’s why we put probiotics and digestive enzymes in to this formula).


Cover all your bases with one complete formula like our Complete Multivitamin Complex™: vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, antioxidants and plant extracts. We’re rather proud of it!

Some people say it’s counterproductive to take an energy-boosting supplement when you’re already stressed and tired, but we know you live in the real world. If you’re knackered from a day at work but need to go and train legs, what option do you have? There are a few all-natural supplements you could use to boost energy (see our caffeine tablets or taurine supplement) but let’s look at our Complete BCAA Energy™ powder.

Forget cans of fizzy energy drink. Complete BCAA Energy™ is a much better choice of energy supplement to sip on when you need a boost: it will hydrate you, give you those all-important BCAAs, and support your energy too without over-stimulating you.

This is a branched-chain amino acid formula with a boost! It actually contains BCAAs in a 3:1:1 ratio. But then we added guarana and green coffee extract, two effective natural energy sources which give you 100mg natural caffeine. Enough for a good boost without jitters or a “crash”.

What are your favourite supplements for combating fatigue, tiredness and stress?

About the Author:

Nicola Joyce has been writing for (and about) sport, fitness, nutrition and healthy living since 2004. She’s also a keen sportswoman: her background is in endurance sport but she now competes as a natural bodybuilder, most recently winning a world title with the INBF. When she’s not writing content, she can be found blogging. Follow her here and on Facebook & Twitter (@thefitwriter) too.

Judith Norris comments further:

“These vitamins do what they’re supposed to do for many diseases. MS patients will find them helpful as well.

Good advice came from Dr. Rudolph Cartwright, NeuroSurgeon, MS Researcher for 40 years. From Odessa, Texas, he now lives in San Diego where he retired from brain surgery. Dr. Cartwright’s daughter-in-law had an MS diagnosis while completing her residency as a trauma surgeon. Scott Cartwright MBA manages his dad’s website.

Dr. Cartwright’s proprietary blend of vitamins is called The Essentials.  Take two tablets twice morning and evening helps MS symptoms and fatigue.

Mary Ellen Dickinson, author of “No More MS,” advocates The Essentials!

Judith Norris says: “My energy level soars with The Essentials. Dr. Cartwright’s  90 day Protocol provided me with new lease on life!” Dr. Cartwright’s website leads to much information about MS, his research,  my writing and more.

Each person has Multiple Sclerosis their own unique way. Although we’re different, there are similarities. We all:

  • are human beings.
  • inhabit planet Earth.
  • breathe air
  • eat food.
  • drink water.
  • have similar body shapes.
  • make lifestyle choices for good or bad health.

In our uniqueness, we have many choices. Research ensures we choose the best decision to enhance living the best life possible.

It’s your choice,     

Remain Healthy.

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