Graduate, Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Course

Graduate, Jon Morrow’s Guest Blogging Course

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It didn’t look like this, but this is how it felt.

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December 2018 I started Jon’s Guest Blogging course.This led to discovering Freelance Writing. The only place I wanted to Guest Blog was Make A Living Writing. Jon’s course completely changed my writing life!

In March 2019, I took a month off to join Get More Freelance Writing Jobs course with Carol Tice. Guest Blogging showed me Freelance Writing is the way-to-go for me. Carol’s Make A Living Writing Blog and Freelance Writer’s Den were the only sources that spoke directly to me.

Auburn graciously funded my efforts. I built an author website, http:/www./ My recent writings as well as Home Page, About Me Page, Contact Me Page, and Testimonials Page. When I add more content, it’ll be Judigail’.

Marketing, a huge undertaking’s still for me to do. That’s the most important job for a freelance writer. Make a list of businesses to contact, write a Letter of Introduction, and followup. Adding Guest Blogging Graduate adds much weight to that process.

Look forward to the entire writing process! Starting my third career as a Freelance Writer excites and challenges me!

The Guest Blogging Certificate at the TOP of this page proves my Graduation from Guest Blogging. I’m truly honored beyond my wildest imagination to be among Hero Jon’s elite graduates!

Here it is AGAIN!

Jon Morrow Guest Blogging Certificate!

Who – Hoo! Yeah! I did it!

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